Research Partners

SERA is a platform for organizing many research teams to collaboratively conduct high-quality, large-scale, and open replication studies with diverse samples in special education. Our current and prospective SERA Research Partners must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have training and relevant experience conducting research with fidelity and collecting high-quality data with student with or at risk for disabilities;
  2. Interest in and ability to conduct crowdsourced research by accessing students with or at risk for disabilities and/or other special education stakeholders;
  3. Affiliation with institution of higher education or other organization that conducts research in the United States (international members coming soon); and
  4. Willingness to have name and affiliation listed on SERA website.

Our research partners come from around the country representing each of the nine U.S. Census divisions. If you’re interested in becoming a SERA Research Partner, fill out the contact form here.

Midwest Region

East North Central Division


  • Dan Maggin*, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Lara Smetana, Loyola University Chicago
  • Sarah Conoyer*, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville


  • Hannah Schertz*, Indiana University


  • Anthony Menendez, Cleveland State University
  • Brian Barber, Kent State University
  • John Schaefer, Cleveland State University
  • Nate Stevenson*, Kent State University
  • Pam Epler, Youngstown State University
West North Central Division


  • Angela Tuttle Prince, Iowa State University


  • Jason Travers, University of Kansas
  • Kathleen Zimmerman, University of Kansas


  • James Kirk*, Winona State University
  • Kinga Balint Langel, University of Minnesota-Duluth


  • Erica Lembke*, University of Missouri


  • Derek Rodgers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Northeast Region

Middle Atlantic Division

New York

  • Soyoung Park, Bank Street


  • Adrienne Woods, Pennsylvania State University
  • Art Dowdy*, Temple University
  • Esther Lindström*, Lehigh University
  • Kristi Morin, Lehigh University
New England Division


  • Sally Drew, Central Connecticut State University


  • John McKenna, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

New Hampshire

  • Lance Neeper, Keene State College
  • Tanya Sturtz, Keene State College


  • Colby Kervick*, University of Vermont
  • Kimberly Vannest, University of Vermont

South Region

East South Central Division


  • Greg Benner, University of Alabama


  • Ginevra Courtade*, University of Louisville
South Atlantic Division


  • Rose Iovannone, University of South Florida
  • Steve Hecht, Nova Southeastern University


  • Kathryn Haughney, Georgia Southern University
  • Melissa Driver, Kennesaw State University
  • Scott Ardoin*, University of Georgia 

North Carolina

  • Amelia Moody*, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
  • Heather Coleman, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • Jessica Steinbrenner, University of North Carolina
  • Kristen D. Beach, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Nicole Uphold, Coastal Carolina University
  • Sharon Richter, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

South Carolina

  • Shanna Hirsch, Clemson University


  • Betsy Talbott*, William & Mary
  • Elisabeth Rice, George Washington University
  • Jodi Duke, George Mason University
  • Natalie Badgett*, University of Virginia 
  • Peggy King-Sears, George Mason University
  • Stephanie Morano, University of Virginia

West Virginia

  • Alex Hollo*, West Virginia University
West South Central Division


  • Corey Peltier, University of Oklahoma


  • Bree Jimenez, University of Texas-Arlington
  • Elizabeth Swanson, University of Texas
  • Jessica Toste, University of Texas
  • John Romig, University of Texas-Arlington
  • Julie Thompson, Texas A&M University
  • Kelly Carrero*, Texas A&M University-Commerce

West Region

Mountain Division


  • Jeremy Ford*, Boise State University


  • Lindsay Diamond*, University of Nevada-Reno
  • MaryAnn Demchak, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Shanon Taylor*, University of Nevada-Reno


  • Brenda O’Keeffee, University of Utah
  • Greg Benner, Brigham Young University
  • Jared Morris*, Brigham Young University
  • Matthew Wappett, Utah State University
  • Sharlene Kiuhara*, University of Utah
  • Tina M. Taylor, Brigham Young University
Pacific Division


  • Andrea Golloher, San José State University
  • Chris Lemons*, Stanford University
  • John Mouanoutoua, California State University-Chico
  • Lauren Collins, San Diego State University


  • Sara Cook*, University of Hawaii


  • Michael Dunn*, Washington State University-Vancouver

* Research partners participating in the SERA Pilot Study: Science Instruction for Students with ASD.